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Decision Quality: Critical skills to move forward / fulfilling life

Open to people who are interested to gain or share their experience and lessons learned throughout the career. In-Person discussions and workshop, with Guest speakers. Inclusive, open to perspectives, Fact/Practice based. key themes: Leadership, Industry, specialist (medical/engineering/ R&D)
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Decision Quality: Critical skills to move forward / fulfilling life

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24 août 2021, 17:00 UTC+10 – 31 août 2021, 18:00 UTC+10
Meeting Link sent via email 1 hour before

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We make decisions everyday, there are values and objectives in why we make decisions and what we consider. In this breakfast meeting, we will cover elements of decisions: Value (Quantitative and Qualitative), Impact, Stakeholders management and communication  

We provide simple method/tools to help you to make decision depends on complexity so that you can feel at ease to start the day: - Efficiency - Accuracy - Fairness - Applicable Rules/Conditions - Collaborated and Celebrated value outcome  For pre-read, feel free to check this link. 

How does lawyer make decision? 

If you can't join the proposed time for the workshop, you can still express your interest for the next session.

We run regular community knowledge session to help the global citizen to excel and have options in choosing their next life fulfilling steps.

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Mentorship program to help people around the world, to connect and build deep knowledge collaboration. 

Our active members *dynamic mentor and mentee ecosystem allow us to explore the common challenges we have faces, methods we applied to resolve it and drive innovation to products which help the community to rise to new challenges.

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While we recommend you to join us at the in person meeting but we often have global audience joining us via virtual meeting room.  MS Teams Mentorship program resources available to members.  Guest can request access after 2 visits.

Virtual meeting room link (Please make sure your camera and microphone works 15min before the meeting starts), during the participant introduction session, please switch on your camera as we would love to properly meet you.

Part of session will be recorded (e.g. Speaker note, Panel Forum)

We have professionals:

Investment specialist, software engineering, product manager, project manager, marketing specialist, finance professional, legal and more.

Together we can deploy new community value programs in weeks, we liaise with Not for Profit organisations which also benefit from sharing the experience.

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Understand your value, your potential influence and positive impact in the community.  

Book a private conversation (please include the reference: Mentorship) to learn more.

Mentorship leadership module:

1. Communication & Empathy [12/04/2021]

2. Negotiation   20/04/21 Guest Speaker Julian Tintinger

3. Leadership style & Building trust  [28/04/2021 @Sofitel]

4. Building teams and Strategic partnership  [05/05 ]

5. Strategy, Visions and Value  [12/05]  Guest Speaker Liam McFadden, Social Enterprise Entrepreneur, Managing Director, Clann Australia Pty Ltd 

6. Crisis & Risk management   [19/05]  Guest Speaker Matt Smith,   Director at BeClear Coaching and Communication

7. Managing organisations   [02/06]

8. Compliance & Policy       [09/06]   

9. Conflicts management     [23/06]   Guest Speaker Lorraine  Longato, Director Business Innovation Strategist - SAP APJ Innovations Office (Innovation Experience Leader across SEA)

10. Facilitation [30/06 Wed]

11. Coaching [21/07]

12. Financial and Commercial acumen

13. Global current affairs

14. Decision quality  [28/7 AEST+10 7pm and 3/8 AEST+10 0800]

15. Research & Analysis

16. Managing difficult times

17. Inclusive Leadership

18. Managing up, down, equal level

19. Leading self to be a good team member and Be a loved leader

20. Manage organisational change

21. Manage performance

22. Forster innovation

23. Leadership resilience

24. Time management

25. Delegation

26. Succession plan

Format: promote collaborative learning (micro learning via experience)


Audience introduction

Speaker introduction


Panel discussions (Panel speakers usually have specific industry with over 5 years experience in the field and practice)


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