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Leadership/Executive development Unit: Cyber Security

1. Director's responsibility in Cyber safety 2. Protecting Your Business From Hackers: How to cyber-secure your business without being a tech expert or increasing your IT budget.
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Leadership/Executive development Unit: Cyber Security

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27 oct. 2021, 19:30 – 20:30
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1. Introduction to Leadership and Executive development unit:     

Audience introduction (please prepare 15 second brief introduction)     

Latest Director's responsibility in Cyber Security    

Facilitated by  Anita Wong - Principal Management Consultant, Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors  2. Protecting Your Business From Hackers:  How to cyber-secure your business without being a tech expert or increasing your IT budget. By Guest speaker: Paul Hankins, Cyber Security Advisor, 

a. Five tips proven to reduce 85% of cyber-attacks.    

b. How to avoid ransomware shutting down your business.    

c. Email fraud & phishing attacks: the best ways to prevent financial losses.    

d. Working from home (WFH) safely & securely: protecting your staff and business from home-based risks.    

e. Cyber insurance: how to choose right, stay compliant and avoid having claims rejected. 

3. Q&A  I look forward to seeing you.  Kind Regards,  Anita Wong Principal Management Consultant MY Training and Consulting  -----------------.  

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