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Resilience, Crisis management are essential, how well do we apply? (2)

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Resilience, Crisis management are essential, how well do we apply? (2)

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29 sept. 2021, 09:30 UTC+10 – 15 oct. 2021, 17:30 UTC+11

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How well is the crisis and risk management plan in action?

When we encounter a challenge, not only does it come quickly, our stakeholders, shareholders are looking at the possible solutions fast and being implemented in a timely manner to reduce impact or trust. 

In this workshop, we will walk through case studies and how we learn from each other to 

1. Prevent severe incidents, what is the biggest threat in the current climate?

2. Maintain a current crisis management plan that flows with the dynamically changing conditions

3. Execute at ease with specialist and knowledge expertise.

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Program Introduction & audience brief introduction [Host: Anita Wong, MY Training and Consulting, Principal management consultant] 

A. Identify key risk of concern in the audience The top risk in 2021:

  1. Impact of pandemic related policies and regulation on business performance (operational resilience, products and services)
  2. Impact of privacy, identify management, information & cyber security
  3. Impact of fraud and misconduct
  4. Impact of economic conditions on growth
  5. Market conditions on demand
  6. Technology adaptation which require new skills that are in short supply
  7. Workforce transition or demand due to sudden shortage (pandemic related)
  8. Resistance to change: Business model - disruption in services and product development and distribution network for beneficial outcome of the business
  9. Leadership succession challenges and ability to retain and attract top talent
  10. Ability to compete or advance in the current market
  11. Other?

B. Case study: Breakdown the identification, evaluation, prevention and review your crisis management plan.

C. Role play and provide feedback on the plan

  • Risk management professionals
  • General Admission

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